This modern prefabricated house, belonged to Dr. Robert & Amelia Frost. They were the original owners of the property, and we thought that after almost 60 years of the couple living in the home and raising a family here, that we needed to keep their name – after all it is stated on the mailbox. According to the obituary for Dr. Frost he was an outstanding member of the community, an accomplished Pathologist, and people have fond memories of the ‘beautifully modern home’. We truly feel fortunate to become custodians of such an amazing piece of mid-century modern architecture. We look forward to creating many affectionate memories ourself with friends and family, and will do our best to maintain its integrity. The Frost’s did an outstanding job caring for the property inside and out, it is like walking into the original model for the home – everything is in great working order. We look forward to learning more details as we dig deeper into the research.

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