One of our favorite features in the house are the Paul MCobb designed glass partitions. There are two of them in the house. The first greets you as you enter the Front Doors, and the other separates the sleeping area from the dressing section in the Master Bedroom. We get requests for detailed shots for inspiration to enable home-owners to recreate the look or idea in their own home, so here we are sharing details.


The Glass was a collaboration between Blue Ridge Glass Corporation, based in Kingsport – Tennessee, and Paul McCobb – as apart of their patterned glass collection. We haven’t been able to find the company or details on what happened to them [we found this]. If you have any vintage magazines, keep your eyes peeled for some advertisments like the one below, apparently you could mail in and request a ‘project booklet’ for ideas on what to do with the glass.


We are not handy people with a hammer or any tool for that matter, so we can’t wax poetic on the process or details of construction. We can, however, take pictures and you can share these, or utilize them yourself [hopefully with more skills and technical know-how than us] to translate the construction methods.



The framework is the same on both sides with the glass sandwiched in-between, and is secured to the ceiling and the floor.


A few details of the glass itself – it is ridged on one side and smooth on the other.



We love waking up to see them greeting us in the morning.



Well – we hope these photographs and brief details help. Ask away with any other questions, and we will try our best to answer them.


  1. Hello:

    As a glassmaker http://www.skydesign.com i admire almost anything designed by McCobb, i had no idea that he ever worked with glass but here it is and its so stunning. This is a cast glass process and the rollers to make this particular pattern are most likely gone or living in a warehouse somewhere. A former competitor of ours Joel Berman, who’s work i have always admired, sold his namesake company a few years back. He designed and manufacured the finest cast glass available in the design market for many years. The aquiring company still offers his work and there are 2 similar patterns available on their website; https://www.forms-surfaces.com/bermanglass-classic-kiln-cast-glass. The glass is close but certainly not of this caliber but its worth looking at if your attempting to do something like this for a project. Thanks Bob and Karen for sharing Pauls work.

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