From time to time we will host events at the house. We usually plan for 2-3 events over the summer, and typically partner with non-profit organizations to assist them with fund-raising opportunities for their organizations or cause. These events we always advertise via our instagram feed or facebook. Feel free to ask about any other possibilities; we would love to hear your ideas and see how we can collaborate on your event to fit your particular needs. A few things to consider:

  • as we are in a neighborhood we like to respect our neighbors and keep noise to a minimum later into the evenings, events can take place between 10am-10pm
  • we do not have street parking on our street, there is public parking within 5 minutes of our home, and you can always coordinate with the local schools to see if you can use their parking on weekends
  • we like to keep the groups small, to enhance the experience and to reduce wear on the garden and home
  • the house is our home, and in the summer we have lots of friends and family stay, it is best to organize your event well in advance to save a particular date during the spring / summer / fall months

Please contact us at info[at]thefrosthouse[dot]com to start the conversations.

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