This is a popular question. We are a private home and are quite popular with our friends and family for visits, our ‘dance card in the Summer gets filled up quick.

We are not a house museum – we do not have any staff, regular tour hours, or even a fancy website. We take care of the house as ‘stewards’ in our own spare time, just 2 of us [and the dog], it is entirely funded by our day jobs [hosting events requires time and always cost us money]. We open our doors because: A] we like geeking out with like minded design nerds; B] we like helping a good cause – and opening the house to raise some money is our small way of giving back; C] we love a good party especially if someone else is throwing it. So with that in mind, we do make the house open for 2-3 events over the summer when the pool is open and the garden can also be enjoyed, via one of two methods:

  1. We usually partner with non-profit organizations [past events include – Lubeznik Center for Arts, Meals-on-Wheels, Indiana Landmarks, Fernwood, Chicago Bauhaus & Beyond] to assist them with fund-raising opportunities for their organizations or cause. These events we always advertise via our instagram feed or facebook – follow along to get the details.
  2. We also love a good party [Eye Eater Society & Soho House], especially if someone else is throwing it and we get to attend. If you have any creative ideas for dinner parties, cocktail soirees, let us know and we can talk to see what is possible.

In 2019 we experimented with allowing small groups to tour the house on set dates via AirBnB experiences. We had no success with this method, in fact we didn’t even have one single booking, and it made it harder to support charitable organizations with transparency. Anyway, we closed this option for booking. If we come up with any easier method, or you have a suggestion let us know – we are more than happy to exchange our time to raise money for a good cause – we will just let you take care of the booking method, and we will supply the house and the stories – email us to get a conversation going via our contact page.

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