When we moved into the house there were a total of 9 different styles of flooring, mostly carpet mixed with terrazzo + linoleum. When the dog rolled in the green shag and got conjunctivitis – we knew it had to go immediately. Most of the carpet had also sustain some water damage before the windows were replaced, and sections had been cut out and patched. We decided to replace the flooring to simplify the materials, we choose wool carpet for the bedrooms, and terrazzo tile for all the other areas. Here are some examples of the variety of flooring, and transitions that we had to deal with [taken in an old iPhone so excuse the quality]:

We looked to the existing flooring options to stay ‘period appropriate’, and determined that we liked the look of the terrazzo tile and the grey carpet in one of the bedrooms. Fortunately, we located a box of spare terrazzo tile in the crawl space and where able to locate the manufacturer. – Fritz Tile.

We love the tile, it was pricey, however, we used an installer that was inexperienced, and frankly they did a terrible job. Cracked and messy glue marks on the tile with sloppy cuts, and then once the sealer went on you can see the workers foot prints + the dirt and dust [that they never cleaned up] in the streaky sealer. It is on the ‘to-do’ list for 2019 to strip the sealer and try to re-seal. As for now, well – our tile that was laid in June 2016 looks like it has a well-worn patina and people think it is original to the house. We went with the Fritz ‘classic terrazzo’ in dusk.

As for the carpet, we went with 100% wool with cotton / jute backing, we needed to select materials that reduce the static electricity in the dry colder months. When you live in a house of metal – there are plenty of places to electrocute yourself, door handles + walls + closet handles .. the list goes on. The Ms. + the dog seem to generate huge amounts of electricity – so wool it was. Purchased from Peerless in Chicago – the product is Mohawk Carpet, and is 100% New Zealand wool.

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