We have finally got around to sharing some photos of the bathrooms, well the guest bathroom [for now], the master is tiny and hard to shoot – but we will do it shortly. The fixtures are all original, including the wall hang toilets. There appears to have been an addition of a cabinet above the sink at some-point, they have a different finish to the other surfaces, and made from wood formica. The lower cabinet was designed by Paul McCobb the hardware is notably his, and covered with a wood veneer, with countertops that are formica. We are glad the upper cabinet was added – it provides some extra space and ease of access to storing things. The bathrooms are also the only rooms in the house without a window, so without natural light.





That wall-hung toilet is still fulfilling its duty and securely fastened to the wall [now – when we moved it was a little loose]. The master has a matching yellow one directly behind this one, until we had the bolts tightened it was like a teeter-totter, if someone was on one loo, and then someone sat on the other – you could feel them move [we had to fix that – all good now].


Oh! And that print behind the toilet – apparently Mrs. Frost purchased that from a neighborhood garage sale. The tile is to our knowledge original, and shows some staining and cracks at the floor level [we show our warts and wear them proudly].


The bath / shower combination is very common to the era, and all original in excellent working order. The one thing that scares us – is the nutone – ceiling heater above the shower, we are going to have it disconnected from the switch, it does work, but it is a fire hazard as it doesn’t turn itself off. Currently the switch is taped so no one can turn it on.


Nothing spectacular here, just very functional. Below you can see the photos of the bathrooms when we first purchased the house and before any updates. 


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