The sliding doors off the two back bedrooms opened into a yew hedge, making it possible to get fresh air, but it was not possible to access the exterior. So we removed the yew hedges, and using Alside brochures for inspiration we added concrete patios to make a private area for our guests to enjoy the outdoors.





More photos coming soon … we got the landscaping completed at the end of the summer, so missed the opportunity to take some updated pictures. It was covered in leaves, and at the time of update – snow.


Here are some in progress photos of the area outside the guest bedrooms, before we added the patios, and after we removed the yew hedges and juniper. The patio sliding doors were blocked by thigh high hedges.

Here you can see that before winter we hard cleared the hedges. Preparing for concrete slabs to be poured in the spring 2017.


This was our inspiration for the Patio design as spotted in a sales brochure.



  1. Thank you so much for showing us this wonderful house. You are indeed very lucky to have it. One question – how do you deal with the snow load on a flat roofed house?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. so perfectly simple and so splendidly modern!

    I’m sure you spent a lot of time in making it so right, great work and also sure Tessin is smiling somewhere.

    Charlie Rizzo


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